5 Signs You Have the Flu

Nobody enjoys being sick, it can really ruin your entire week. From body aches to runny noses, the flu spreads like wild fire during the in between seasons. If you happen to suffer from hay fever on top of that, it can just be made that much worse but do you know the difference between the flu and just the common cold? Here are some signs and symptoms to watch out for.

Signs You Have the Flu


1. Body aches

You might actually start to feel these muscle and body aches before any other symptoms. If they are severe enough it might hurt just to move. Common places to feel these aches and pains are usually in the back, legs and arms but can pretty much be any muscle in your body.

2. Hot and cold

One minute you need an extra blanket and the next you’re burning up. This is usually because you might be in the beginning stages of having a fever. So if you find yourself unable to sleep because you just can’t stop feeling hot and then suddenly cold, it might be time to get yourself to a doctor.

3. Tummy issues

Unlike the common cold, sometimes the virus that wreaks havoc on your body with the flu can make its way to your stomach. Things like diarrhea, stomach cramps or even vomiting can be a sign that your flu has reached the next stage of severity.

4. Weak and fatigued

This goes hand in hand with body aches and pains. If you find yourself needing a midafternoon nap right after you’ve just had a coffee, it might be the flu. Since your body is trying to fight the virus it’s understandably exhausted so even the most average tasks can leave you sleepy.

5. Sore throat and dry cough

While with a cold you might also suffer these symptoms, they’ll likely get worse, a lot sooner when it’s the flu. So if you go to sleep one night with a bit of a sore throat and wake up the following morning with a cough, fever and feeling like you’ve swallowed razors, it’s probably the flu.