5 Signs You Have Overdone It While Pregnant

More and more women feel pressured to continue life as they normally lived before they were pregnant. Either their work demands are high, or they have other children to care for, or they feel they need to maintain a certain physique while pregnant. All of these things can push women past the point of just enough activity and into the realm of too much activity. Here are some signs that you might have overdone it while pregnant.

Signs You Have Overdone It While Pregnant


1. Cramping

Cramping in your uterus can be common in pregnancy. Some women have what are called Braxton Hicks contractions that feel like a painless cramping, or contraction, of the uterus. This type of cramping is harmless and a sign that your body is preparing for labour in the future. If you experience cramping that is painful, like a period would be, or sharp pains in your uterus, then it’s time to head to your nearest emergency department to check to make sure the baby is okay. On your way out the door drink a large glass of water, some cramping can be caused by dehydration.

2. Vaginal Bleeding

Some women experience bleeding during their pregnancy and it can be completely normal. Sometimes women experience bleeding when the egg implants into their uterus; this is called implantation bleeding. Others can experience bleeding when a Subchorionic Hematoma resolves; though this type of bleeding is often brown in colour and not red and is often not critical. And some women can experience bleeding when they’ve lost a twin part way through a pregnancy. Bleeding that is heavy is usually a sign that the pregnancy may not be healthy enough to survive. Always seek medical help if you have any vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.

3. Exhaustion

A sure sign you have done too much is that you are beyond tired. If you are more tired than you usually are it is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. Get a large glass of water and put your feet up and relax. Try to use better time management where possible, to make sure that you don’t have too many strenuous activities planned in one day.

4. Dizziness

Dizziness while pregnant can be a worrying experience! Dizziness can sometimes be a normal occurrence in pregnancy since your cardiovascular system is put under extra stress as your blood volume increases to keep up with the growth of your uterus, placenta and your baby. Dizziness can also happen when you are dehydrated, get too hot in the summer or during exercise, if your iron is low or if you have not eaten enough that day. If you notice that you are dizzy a lot make sure to bring it up with your practitioner at your next visit and take some time to relax and drink a large glass of water and eat a balanced meal.

5. Sore Pelvis

Pelvic pain can be another sign that you have overdone it while pregnant. Some pain can be normal since your pelvis is expanding to accommodate the baby, as well as prepare for birth. But if you are experiencing a lot of sharp pelvic pain it could be a sign that your body is giving you to slow down. Think about the activities you have participated in over the last three days and see whether or not your activity level has gone up.

Final Thoughts

If you have experienced any of the symptoms above you may have overdone it! Talk to your practitioner about any of the symptoms you experience to make sure that you and your baby are healthy. Try to take it a bit easy during this time; there is already a lot of stress placed on the body of a pregnant woman without adding the extra activities that our modern society demands of women. Soon you will be meeting you little one!