5 Signs You Eat Too Much Fibre

Eating too much fibre can be just as bad for your digestive system as not eating enough. While most doctors would always suggest upping your intake of fibre, eating it in excess can cause a whole host of issues. Being sure to get your fibre from healthy foods like fruit, grains and vegetables rather than carbohydrates like breads and cereal will also help ease some of the symptoms of too much fibre.

Signs You Eat Too Much Fibre


1. Bloating and gas

Once you get the right amount of fibre in your diet you won’t experience uncomfortable bloating and gas, however if you are eating too much fibre you’ll find your body is struggling to digest it properly. This will leave you with a bloated stomach and quite gassy as your body tries digest the excess fibre.

2. Constipation

If you are eating a fair amount of fibre but aren’t also drinking enough water you will find yourself quite constipation as the food tries to make its way through your system. The fibre rich food will take a lot of time to digest if you aren’t drinking adequate water and that will leave you constipated.

3. Loose stools

When the food you’ve consumed isn’t spending enough time in your digestive tract it will not only make you stools loose but also result in diarrhoea as well. Ensuring you eat balanced meals that are both high in fibre but also protein, carbohydrates and fats will mean that your body takes its time digesting it.

4. Weight gain

While a fibre rich diet will help you stay fuller for longer and is credited to helping aid weight loss, if you aren’t eating the right amount of fibre then you’ll notice a somewhat significant period of weight gain. Since the food isn’t moving through you properly, it will sit in your stomach for longer and mean that you are putting on weight without really realising it.

5. Loss in mineral absorption

It makes sense that if the food you just ate that was high in all the necessary vitamins like iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium isn’t staying in your body long enough for it to be absorbed, you are probably losing a lot of nutrients in your diet. So, if you’re noticing that your health isn’t improving even though you are eating healthily, it might be time to supplement with vitamin tablets.

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