5 Signs You Are Ovulating

Believe it or not, not every single woman ovulates each month. If your ovary doesn’t produce a mature follicle then you won’t ovulate, which can be disappointing for women who are trying to conceive. Although you don’t need to ovulate every month to have a baby (but it would be good!). For around 90% of women ovulation occurs smack bang in the middle of their cycle so if you are trying to keep track of your ovulation schedule and don’t want to buy those expensive tests, here are 5 signs to look out for.

Signs You Are Ovulating


1. Ovulation pain

Unfortunately for some women they experience ovulation pain, while it’s not as painful as the cramps you experience during your period they can still be pretty noticeable. It’s usually a dull sensation rather than pain so if you’ve noticed you’re getting some quite severe ovulation pain you might have ovarian cysts bothering you.

2. Drop in basal temperature

Monitoring your basal temperature during your cycle is one of the ways some women choose to manage their fertility. This is how they know that they are ovulating and also when they are about to get their period, charting your cycle is a good way to keep track and notice any changes.

3. Cervical position

You don’t need a doctor to tell you how your cervix is going, you can actually find out for yourself. Since female bodies are designed to get pregnant your cervix will do everything in its power to make sure it’s ready for fertilisation. That means when your cervix is fertile it will be soft, high, open and wet whereas when it isn’t it will be hard and tight.

4. Changes in mucus

Just as you should be monitoring your cycle it’s also important to monitor your cervical mucus as it’s a good indication of any changes in your cycle. For most women, after their period they find their discharge is more dry and then when their ovulating it looks like raw egg white and is quite sticky.

5. Increased libido

Another more pleasant side effect of ovulation is that a lot of women experienced an increase in their libido as well as their energy levels. This is your body’s way of letting you know what it expects you to be doing!

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