5 Signs You Might Need a Hysterectomy

There are times when a hysterectomy isn’t elective but an emergency. It isn’t really that uncommon, in fact it’s the second most common significant surgery performed on women in the United States. While it definitely affects older women more than their younger counterparts, it certainly is something for all women of all ages to be aware of. Here are some medical signs to look out for if you’re considering a hysterectomy.



1. You suffer from other reproductive problems.

Issues like endometriosis can get worse with age and after having a baby or two. Since it is a reproductive issue, it can usually be solved by the removal of those organs. If you are young though, this can essentially mean you can’t have children so if this is the only problem you have, it might be worth waiting until after you give birth.

2. Intense bleeding.

Heavy bleeding affects a lot of women, young and old. However intense bleeding that leaves you faint, ill or unable to perform normal tasks isn’t normal. You might find that the older you get, the heavier and more painful bleeding you might experience and it might be the right time to opt for a hysterectomy.

3. Post-menopausal bleeding.

You would think once you have been through menopause you wouldn’t have to put up with bleeding, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In some cases, the lining of your uterus can thicken and change which can be painful and also, cause more bleeding.

4. It’s been a lifelong issue.

If you are only just starting to experience symptoms, it’s important to not jump to conclusions and go straight for a hysterectomy. There are plenty of other ways to ease painful periods and heavy bleeding. However, if this is something you have suffered from for a period of time, it might be your best option.

5. Your doctor has recommended it.

Whether it’s because of test results that have come back cancerous or because your gynaecologists believe it’s the best way for you to be rid of pain and bleeding. Listen to your doctor’s advice and seriously consider surgically removing your uterus and possibly even fallopian tubes and ovaries.