5 Signs You Are Allergic to Dogs

Whether you love or hate them, dogs play a massive role in people’s lives. From guarding houses to comforting you when you’re sad, they put up with us and only ask for our love in return. However, if you’re allergic to dogs the chances are just being around them makes you cough, sneeze, splutter and generally feel like crap. But how do you know whether or not you’re allergic to your favourite canine companion? Here are some signs and symptoms to watch out for.

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1. Your skin is reacting.

Sadly, it’s not just your nose and eyes that might suffer when you’re around dogs. Your skin can physically react as well, so if you find that as soon as you come in physical contact with a dog your skin starts to feel irritated or inflamed, it might be down to allergies.

2. Your eyes are in pain.

Your eyes are such a sensitive part of your body so it makes sense that if you do have allergies they are usually the first to show the affects. Although they might not instantly feel itchy or painful, you might notice that you need to rub your eyes more often when you’re around a dog. Try not to scratch though, it’ll only make it worse!

3. Your asthma is playing up.

If you are also unlucky enough to have asthma, you’ll probably find that when a tail wagging pooch comes your way, your asthma starts to get worse. It might not be instantaneous but you’ll definitely notice it. This can be pretty uncomfortable as well as dangerous so as soon as you suspect you have an allergy to dogs, steer clear and see your doctor.

4. You can’t stop sneezing.

Randomly sneezing happens to everyone. However, randomly sneezing only when you come into contact with a dog might be cause for concern. Although sneezing is one of the more manageable side effects of an allergy it’s still enough for you to take action.

5. Your nose is blocked.

Just like anyone with hay fever or most other allergies would know, a blocked nose paired with sore eyes and sneezing is a recipe for anyone to just want to stay in bed and close the blinds. If you notice after spending a little while around a dog your nose starts to feel congested and blocked, you might have an allergy. The good thing is though, once you know what the problem is you can figure out a way of managing it.