30 Signs You Are Depressed

As a matter of fact, depression is much more than just feeling sad. It is a mood disorder that may affect your everyday life. Untreated depression can put your life on hold for months, if not years.

Medical experts identify six types of depression: major depression, atypical depression, dysthymia, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and seasonal affective disorder.

Major depressive disorder can also lead to thoughts of suicide. Below are 30 main signs of depression. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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30 Signs You Are Depressed


1. Physical Pains

Physical Pains


People who are depressed emotionally exert physical pains, and may often get sick and have a general malaise fondness. Symptoms such as Migraines and headaches will surface, along with muscles stiffen and pains.

2. Death Thoughts

Death Thoughts


Depression brings about the thought of deaths of depressed individual’s and death of others. Few cases of depression are associated with death as reported by Healthcare professionals. If noticing someone that is depressed is in danger, do not hesitate to call for help.

3. Insomnia



Insomnia an inability to sleep is a condition usually in connection with major depression. It usually occurs in the night with people that are depressed. They resort to sleeping drugs or Alcohol consumption in order to have a bed rest.

4. Decreased Libido

Decreased Libido


Individuals that are depressed do experience decreased sex drive with their patterns, which leads inability to achieve orgasm. Depressions do affect the sexual life of individuals that are depressed and could lead to premature ejaculation.

5. Loss of Appetite

Loss of Appetite


People who are depressed experience decrease in weight. This usually results from nervousness and cravings for nausea. A drop in their eating habits might result in controlling the part of their world.

6. Restlessness



This is usually in association with people that are depressed. They do have an idea of creating something but do not develop the urge in making it a reality. It shows up with muscle twitches and foot tapping. Depressed individuals also have hyper-activeness with without having a full pleasure.

7. Overeating



Depressed people do binge eat and this creates a false feeling of overriding depression. Having a meal cause the release of hormones from the brain, which makes you feel better but does not last long.

8. Irritability



Some people that are depressed are quick to rage and peevishness, thus affecting their daily activities by making them moody. They find faults for things that are irrelevant and this makes them saddened.

9. The feeling of Sadness

The feeling of Sadness


This is usually the first symptoms noticed in depressed individuals. “Desolation” is the most word that often describes depression. It creates an atmosphere of unhappiness and cripples every fragment of daily activities.

10. Slowed Thinking

Slowed Thinking


Depression seen in some people are associated with daffy and usually results in forgetfulness. Indolent observed in school settings, which is difficult to control.

11. Bradykinesia



This is a condition experienced by depressed individuals, which makes them be less active. Their level of physical activities drops, such that they easily get tired even in a small bout of exercise.

12. Fatigue



This involves a state of being weak in both physical and mental condition. Depressed people that are prone to fatigue do find it difficult to have a good sleep. It is usually associated with insomnia, which does occur because of depression.

13. Anhedonia



Most depressed people do find it hard to enjoy a pleasurable experience. Although they may have fun, when the time is up for it, they return to their moody condition making it more difficult to handle.

14. Focusing on Small matters

Focusing on Small matters


Incorporation of insignificant issues with focus is associated with depressed persons. This makes them lose concentration on things that are crucial. It causes great disturbances, thereby may not be able to have a vivid picture that is of relevance.

15. Frustration



Simple things result in frustration with depressed individuals in their daily activities. They picked up quarrel for things that do not matter. Depression has made people easily frustrated with their selves or loved ones.

16. Loss of Interest in daily activities

Loss of Interest in daily activities flickr.com


Depressed people do find it difficult in engaging in their daily activities. This could result from not taking their medications or not involved in work activities.

17. Excessive Sleeping

Excessive Sleeping


Depression and sleep have a complex relationship. A depressed individual may sleep excessively which could result from any of its types. Sleeping more is a problem that is associated with severe depressive disorders, and the individual may fall asleep at inappropriate times.

18. Anger



Depressed people do get irritated without any cause, as such do not have a clue of what is happening to them, and feels unprotected. Anger is a manifest of depression and occurs in an ill-suited time to people that do not deserve it.

19. Indecisiveness



Depression has played a role in the daily activities of depressed people. This will enable them to take a decision that would bring grief, thereby unable to choose from different activities that provide happiness.

20. Easy Distraction

Easy Distraction


A depressed individual easily gets far away from activity that requires total concentration. Although, they long spend hours in cinemas watching movies or Internet browsing instead of focusing on the key things of the day.

21. Reduced Concentration

Reduced Concentration


According to clinical Psychologist, decreased concentration is among one of the most common signs of depression. This is usually associated with low assimilation rate when studying. The individual will gaze into thin air instead of focusing on the completion of his task.

22. Energy Loss

Energy Loss


Depreciation of human energy is been linked with depressed persons’. Mental energy drainage results from physical and emotional loss of energy as seen in depressed individuals. Depression leads to low energy drive in the workforce, as it goes along with tiredness and fatigue.

23. Feelings of Idleness

Feelings of Idleness


Idleness is a factor that eats up the mind of depressed people and they feel dejected like there are not been loved. Depressed people feel that they rejected by the society they live in and cannot make a mindful contribution to help their loved ones. Suicidal thoughts are the product of Idleness of depressed people.

24. Guilt Thought

Guilt Thought


Depressed people always have the feelings of guilt, which resulted from mental derangement. Bipolar depression is most associated with guilt and causes the individual feels remorseful. Their emotions are a tag along with low self-esteem and feelings of fecklessness.

25. Fixating on Past Failures

Fixating on Past Failures


Depression has made people who are heavily depressed have a fixed on their past failures, which keep hunting them. This usually makes them feel overwhelmed with their depressed state.

26. Trouble Thinking

Trouble Thinking


Trouble thinking is most associated with depressed people and they might have issues with clear thought. Most at-times their mind and thinking look clouded, therefore, do not have a clear focus. This usually alters the normal process of thoughts.

27. Trouble Concentrating

Trouble Concentrating


Most depressed people do find it difficult to concentrate running their daily activities. They find a particular task too overwhelming and lost focus when given a particular direction. This can make their relationships with their loved ones and people around them suffer.

28. Trouble Remembering Things

Trouble Remembering Things


People who do have depression suffer loss of memory and find it difficult to remember important issues. Amnesia is a symptom related to severe depression. Amnesia has taken over people that are severely depressed, such that they may even forget to take their meal and practice personal hygiene.

29. Crying for No Reason

Crying for No Reason


Some depressed people do shed tears because of depression for just no cause. This affects their daily lives and makes them lose focus. It may also bring sadness to them, can just shed tears during conversation with people.

30. Inability to Have Fun

Inability to Have Fun


Depressed individuals find it difficult to have fun, due to the fact that they not in the proper frame of mind. Medical report have shown that depression do take away the fun-filled activities of the depressed. This makes them feels unhappy, and like been Idle.